Does your cell/smart phone, tablet or computer have a cracked, blank or distorted display? Are you seeing display artifacts, discoloration, flickering and/or high low contrast? Computer Literate can help!

Before & After Macbook Pro Repair

Computer Literate provides quick turn around LCD Screen Repair, same day for iPhone models and next day for most computer/laptop models. We can also repair/replace tablet, hand held devices and monitor LCD’s. Offering flat fee screen replacement, we’re positive you’ll feel satisfied with our fair prices and high quality OEM LCD screens which are warrantied. Contact us today for a quote!


Smart phone, tablet and touch screens are assembled from 3 parts (LCD, Digitizer & Glass) whereas computers and monitors without a touch screen are typically assembled with just the LCD and In some cases LCD and glass.

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display, displays the image and color.
Digitizer – Thin piece of film between the LCD and glass which senses touch.
Glass – Provide’s LCD protection and surface to interact with.

When we say “I need my screen replaced” it could mean a few different things pending the device and damage. Just cracked glass? Blank or defective LCD? Digitizer not sensing touch?