Does your cell/smart phone, tablet or computer have a cracked, blank or distorted display? Are you seeing display artifacts, discoloration, flickering and/or high low contrast? Computer Literate can help!

Before & After Macbook Pro Repair

Computer Literate provides quick turn around LCD Screen Repair. For most iPhone models turn around is less than an hour. We can also repair/replace tablet, hand held devices and monitor LCD’s. We’re positive you’ll feel satisfied with our fair prices and high quality screens which are warrantied. Contact us today for a quote!


Smart phone, tablet and touch screens are assembled from 3 parts (LCD, Digitizer & Glass) whereas computers and monitors without a touch screen are typically assembled with just the LCD and In some cases LCD and glass.

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display, displays the image and color.
Digitizer – Thin piece of film between the LCD and glass which senses touch.
Glass – Provide’s LCD protection and surface to interact with.

When we say “I need my screen replaced” it could mean a few different things pending the device and damage. Just cracked glass? Blank or defective LCD? Digitizer not sensing touch?